torsdag 17 januari 2013


Microsoft Advertising presenterar på sin blogg ett antal trender inom handeln för 2013.
Att skapa lönsamhet och lojalitet genom en "sömlös" upplevelse i alla kanaler är den tes vi driver genom att jobba integrerat med catergorymanagement och butiksdesign som speglar varumärke och kommunikation. Se vår våra verktyg och process här

"The winners will be those retailers who best understand the consumer journey and proactively track and react to changing consumer behavior as a means to garnering customer attention and loyalty."
"The challenge for retailers in 2013 will continue to be how to create and measure a seamless brand experience across all channels: brick, click, social and mobile."
"RSR Research in November 2012 reported retailers naming their top 3 operational challenges: 59% of retailers surveyed pointed to coordination with other channels to create a seamless brand experience, 52% were focused on optimizing inventory across all channels, while 49% are focused on how to best understand and capitalize on how different consumer audiences engage in varying channels"
"This will be the Christmas defined as one where consumers became truly ‘Omni channel’ and the winners responded to this need. Online has been the main non-food battleground.”
"Food will remain the biggest driver next year however DIY and gardening is set to be retail’s strongest performing sector after a recovery from the wettest summer on record in 2012."

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